Is Sports Betting Simple?

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No. The ones who believe that gambling is simple haven’t fully immersed themselves in the gambling world. But does that mean you should immediately unregister from your online casino singapore website and stop trying?

There’s nothing wrong with casually placing bets on your favorite teams when you have extra cash to spare.

Recreational gambling has always been prevalent in our society, and with the added convenience of it being online, more and more people are getting into what they believe to be a lucrative pastime.

But to truly make a profit off of sports betting, one needs to accept the fact that the odds will always be against you. House edges are much higher in sports betting when compared to casino gambling.

House edges themselves are designed to ensure that either the oddsmakers or the casino will profit in the long run. Most gamblers, especially beginners, are short-term winners because of this.

The Most Reliable Strategy

Scan the top articles on sports betting strategy and you’ll surely notice a few things:

1. There are a lot of “best betting strategies” for the game that will assure you that you’ll win;

2. There is a difference between betting strategies and staking systems (strategies tend to focus on the methodology behind your betting while systems focus on the amount that you’ll be betting);

3. There are many touts (individual shills or those working for the betting market) offering to help you win with their “expertise in picking.” 

Many people will assure that you certain strategies and stakes will raise your chances of winning. But even if their strategies worked perfectly, you’d have a 52.4%  of breaking even. To raise your chances beyond that you’ll need to delve into the mathematics behind sports betting. There’s a reason oddsmakers always win.

Beating Oddsmakers at Their Own Game

The only way to have a chance of beating oddsmakers and sportsbooks at their own games is to develop your own skills with mathematics, statistics, excel, and programming. Your goal here isn’t to predict games, but to find where oddsmakers and the market are weak.

Oddsmakers aren’t perfect. They are, after all, just people trying to cover all their bases when creating their predictions. Your job will be to research just as much as they have and attack the points which they haven’t factored in.

Creating a Sports Betting Model

Simplified, a sports betting model is a system in which you try to predict the outcomes of certain matchups. You’ll be acting as a bookmaker, and since they have their own models in order to calculate lines and such, your job will be to beat them at efficiency.

This is why it’s important to have basic skills in mathematics and understand their concepts. You’ll be searching for a metric upon which you’ll base your model on. This will require a ton of research and collecting of data.

Although this is the most time-consuming of all strategies (according to Alan “Dink” Denderson, a minimum of 10 hours per week is required just studying stats),  it’s also the most promising. If you want to make sports betting a side hustle, this is definitely where you should start.

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