Bet on Football: How to bet on football and get a lot of money

Possibly the most popular bets are the football and also the most widely used by gamblers is to bet on the winner of a match. To bet has a soccer game, only have 3 options, the victory of the team that plays and local levels, the opposing team and the draw .

Betting on Football

In a football game where two opponents are equally matched bet we’ll see how the draw will be somewhere between 3.00 and 4.50 the dollar, many people opt always for victory or defeat but the tie is a result as the other 2 .
On other occasions I have already made other recommendations , but today we have to mention the factors to consider when betting, to make money with a football game .
 Recent run of form : not the same face a team that has several defeats, face against a team that almost always win their matches.
 Starting line up : always look who’s playing, there are coaches who do rotations, but often the team does not play well with some players than others.
 Motivation : leave what is called “butt” is not the same out to play a football game knowing you are already classified, salts more relaxed, to go out and play knowing that you need to qualify or earn 3 points.
 Historical matches : there are teams that are motivated by historical reasons specially to some rivals, look at a Real Madrid vs Barcelona.

How to cover bets on winning a football game.
Suppose the next match and fees:
Real Madrid – Barcelona 2.70 – 3.45 – 2.30
If we believe that Sevilla is going to win, suppose we make the following bets.
10 dollars (to try to win 18), would not be bad bet a little of the money in the tie to be supported.
There is a formula that we use to make our bets without risking much to lose money.
Money to bet on total / share of tie = money due to the tie bet 100 / 3.35 = 28.98 dollars as well, though he had to tie the game, not lose or gain nothing and lose nothing.

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