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Glam black street fashion Modest style: ‘I feel positive and comfortable’

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Glam black street fashion Modest style: ‘I feel positive and comfortable’

Image copyright Jodie Marriott-Baker / Asha Mohamud Floor-length dresses, wide-leg trousers and oversized jumpers.That’s not our Christmas wish list – we’re talking about modest fashion. If you haven’t heard of the term it’s all about covering up in a way that is still on trend. Dressing modestly but fashionably is already popular with young Muslim…

Glam black street fashion Modest style: ‘I feel positive and comfortable’

Glam black street fashion

glam black street fashion Bloggers wearing modest fashion

Image copyright
Jodie Marriott-Baker/ Asha Mohamud

Floor-length gowns, wide-leg trousers and large jumpers.

That’s not our Christmas dream list – we’re talking about modest fashion.

If you haven’t heard of the term it’s all about concealing in such a way that is still on pattern. Dressing decently however fashionably is already popular with young Muslim ladies but it’s not unique to people of any one religious beliefs or belief.

And right now it’s having a moment.

Asha Mohamud, 21, is a modest blogger and design with over 27,000 fans on Instagram. She tells Radio 1 Newsbeat: “Modest fashion is becoming more inclusive.”

” I feel like females are now dressing not to be hot for guys – however to feel hot for themselves.”

” Perhaps that’s no longer a push-up bra – rather it’s a 2 piece suit”.

Style blog writer Jodie Marriott-Baker says social media and changing attitudes are why individuals are enjoying concealing in the name of fashion.

” It’s no longer viewed as a trend that older people use,” she tells Newsbeat.

” Fashion influencers on Instagram have actually made it look more wearable and available for everybody.”

Image copyright
Getty Images

Image caption

Jodie Marriott-Baker thinks modest style works for clever and casual occasions.

And it’s not just bloggers that have actually discovered the change.

John Lewis’ recent retail report reveals shoppers are now favouring “longer lengths and looser fitting styles” over “restrictive, tight-fitting clothes”.

This year the shop saw sales of midi gowns go up by 152%as well as a 33%boost in the sale of ankle-length trousers.

The trend isn’t special to John Lewis – other sellers have actually observed a modest style boom as well – both ASOS and M&S have modest varieties.

Bear in mind that Zara gown? The one that broke the internet? Lots of bloggers state it’s likewise an example of modest fashion due to its long, loose shape.

Image copyright

Image caption

The dress even has its own Instagram account.

Asha, who is Muslim, thinks “modest fashion is different for every person”.

” I have actually used short skirts that individuals wouldn’t consider modest, but I have actually used it in a different method, by putting loose fit trousers below.”

” Modest fashion is so much more than being Muslim. It’s no longer connected to a faith. It’s a new trend.”

Jodie specifies modest style as “timeless, elegant and large – yet flattering”.

” Winter season is a fun time of year for it – you can remain warm but still use dresses and skirts and feel feminine.”

Unlike some skimpy summer clothing, Jodie states that part of the appeal of modest fashion is that it can be re-worn throughout the seasons.

” I can use a midi gown in the summer when it’s hot and I desire something cool and floaty. And after that I’ll wear it once again in autumn and winter, however layer it with a jumper and tights”.

” I feel confident and most significantly comfy. I understand no matter just how much I eat you’ll never ever have the ability to see my food baby.”

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It’s ended up being such a big offer that there’s a UK design firm devoted to designs who just wear modest style.

Shammie Hammouda, who runs Umma Models, thinks 2020 will be the year modest fashion actually breaks through to the mainstream.

She began business a year ago with simply 4 clients, now represents more than60

” You see people that practice modesty every day but you do not see that represented in the media. I’m hoping it ends up being the standard,” she says.

Modest fashion has actually been around for several years, Shammie informs Newsbeat.

” If we return to Britain in about the 1950 s modest fashion was the standard. Everyone had longer hem lines and long sleeves.”

Image copyright
Getty Images

Image caption

Long hemlines were fashionable in the 1950’s.

However as much as a few of us are loving midis and maxis, there is still no shortage of online retailers promoting products that might be thought about as skimpy or large

Jodie does not think these differences in designs are new.

” I believe style is a lot more available now and stores provide a larger variety of various trends”.

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